Intelligent RF adapter plug type J Switzerland / MTSOC-100CH-WL

Radio Socket Typ J CH

Some great advantages for you:

  • Also suitable for heavy loads, e.g. radiant heaters
  • With integrated energy, room temperature and humidity measurement
  • Control via on/off button on device, myTEM App or via a individual program
  • Helps to save energy and ensures safety
  • With Z-Wave RF standard
  • Design type J (CH)

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The myTEM Radio Socket Type J is a universal, Z-Wave compatible RF adapter of the On/Off Power Switch type for loads up to 2’300 Watt (Type J, Switzerland). The power and energy consumption of the connected device is measured.

The intelligent RF adapter can be controlled via the button on the housing or via any Z-Wave controller. The programmable behaviour for RF commands allows flexible use in the house.

A temperature and humidity sensor is integrated in the device. Its values are reported to the central controller and can be used to control other functions.

  • Operating voltage: 230 VAC ± 10%
  • With RF standard Z-Wave
  • With humidity and temperature measurement
  • Switchable load: 2’300 W (MTSOC 100CH WL, type J version, Switzerland)
  • Accuracy of power measurement: P = 0 W – 200 W, ± 2 W; P > 200 W, ± 3
  • Dimensions (W × H × D): 60 × 88 × 74 mm (over connector part), depth without connector part 36.6 mm
  • Mounting: directly in socket