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  • How can I reset the password for the myTEM app?
    If you press the pencil in the myTEM SmartHome app under Settings -> User, you can create a new password.
  • With which operating systems can the myTEM ProgTool be used?
    The myTEM Progtool can be used from Windows Version 7.
  • What is the difference between the myTEM App and the myTEM ProgTool?
    The myTEM app is primarily used to visualize your smart home. You can also make various configurations in the app, such as changing the heating program or creating light scenes. You can also combine different starter components with the myTEM app. Descriptions can be found >> in the download area. With the myTEM ProgTool you can expand your smart home into a fully automated oasis of well-being that leaves nothing to be desired.
  • With which smartphones can the myTEM app be operated?
    The myTEM app works on smartphones with iPhones from 5s from 2013 and Android devices from version Android 5.0
  • What software do I need to download to use the system?"
    You can download the myTEM SmartHome app in the >> Google Play Store or >>‎myTEM Smart Home download for free and install it on your mobile phone. After registering in the myTEM online shop, you can also download the myTEM ProgTool free of charge from our shop and install it on your Windows PC.
  • Do the push messages from the myTEM app cost me something in an emergency or are they free of charge?
    The push notifications are free of charge.
  • What happens to the push notifications in the event of an alarm if the battery is empty or my mobile phone has no network?"
    The push notifications are saved and displayed as soon as you access your smart home.
  • Where can I download the myTEM ProgTool and how do I connect the software to my smart home?
    After registering, you can also download the myTEM ProgTool free of charge from our shop and install it on your Windows PC. After starting the program, click on "Connect" in the menu bar. A description of the functions of the ProgTool can be found >> in the manual.
  • How can I change the password of the myTEM server with the myTEM ProgTool?
    You can change the password in the tool in the project tree under Users. A description of the functions of the ProgTool can be found here in >> this manual.
  • The login to the myTEM ProgTool failed. What can I do?
    Make sure the LAN cable is connected to the server and the myTEM Radio Server's LAN LED is lit. Make sure the PC is connected to the same network as the server.
  • The login to the myTEM app failed. What can I do?
    Make sure the LAN cable is connected to the server and the myTEM Radio Server's LAN LED is lit. Make sure that the smartphone is set to WiFi and that it is the same network that is connected to the server.
  • Where can I download the myTEM app and how do I connect the app to my smart home?
    You can download the myTEM SmartHome app in the >> Google Play Store or >> Apple App Store download for free and install on your mobile phone. After opening the app, follow the displays on your mobile phone.
  • I would like to receive notifications for my myTEM SmartHome on my smartphone or tablet. Which settings do I have to make?
    If you would like to have the notification within your WLAN, this is already set after the commissioning of your smart home. If you also want to receive the notifications remotely, you must use our free cloud service. After that, all you need is an internet connection, as with all push messages.
  • I have an anti-virus program on my mobile phone, can this affect the push notifications?"
    Make sure that push notifications are allowed for the myTEM app. You can find this setting in your mobile phone under Settings -> Apps -> Smart Home.
  • What requirements do I need to use Smart Home in my home?"
    With the degree of automation you want, you determine which elements you will use. Even if you only start with a switch socket, you can gradually expand the system to a complete solution. myTEM Smart Home is modular and open and therefore suitable for beginners and professionals. With myTEM Smart Home you have a scalable solution for every application. myTEM Smart Home is ideal for new buildings as well as for retrofit solutions and renovations.
  • How do I know if my heater is compatible?"
    Basically, every heating system is compatible. With the myTEM Radio Valve you can easily integrate the heating radiator and with the myTEM Radio IO module your underfloor heating into your smart home and thus save energy.
  • How does the smart home control work?
    The myTEM Smart Home Server (Radio Server and Smart Server) is at the heart of the smart home. It is the central intelligence of the smart home system. It networks and controls all other smart home devices and the myTEM smart home app. The Smart Home Server is available in versions with radio communication (Radio Server) and for installation in the control cabinet (Smart Server). With the various expansion modules and gateways, the myTEM smart home system can be adapted to any size and home automation requirement.
  • Where can I find a decision to use Smart Home products?
    We have created an Excel file to help you make your decision. This file shows you exactly which functions can be implemented with which products and how you can automate your house with Smart Home from myTEM. Download myTEM Decision Helper (. xls)
  • Where should I ideally mount the smoke detector?
    A smoke detector should be installed in every bedroom, children's room and in the hallways that serve as escape routes. Place the smoke detector as centrally as possible in the room, in a horizontal position, on the ceiling. One smoke detector is only enough for a 60 square meter room and should always be installed in the middle of the ceiling . For larger rooms and special structural features, please note: L-shaped rooms larger than 60 square meters require two smoke detectors, one on each side. Large rooms that are interrupted by partition walls, partial walls or large furniture require a smoke detector for each area. Open connections that extend over several floors require a smoke detector at least on the upper level.
  • Can the heating also be integrated and intelligently controlled?
    Special radiator valves (radio valves) are available for this purpose, or an IO module that can be used to control the valves of the underfloor heating. This allows the indoor climate to be controlled throughout the house. Temperature profiles can be stored for each room and adapted to individual requirements. Window and door contacts detect when a window is open, for example. The radiator thermostat then regulates the radiator down. This also helps to save energy!
  • How much did it cost me to get started with the Smart Home?
    The myTEM starter packages cost between CHF 356.00/EUR 345.00 (timer starter set) and CHF 487.00/EUR 473.00 (light starter set). You can find the prices of all myTEM Smart Home products in our online shop.
  • What happens to my data with Smart Home?
    You decide whether your smartphone should have external access to your smart home. If not, then your myTEM Smart Home will only work in the local network. It doesn't connect to the outside world. Everything still works within your local network, without restrictions. Your privacy is protected in any case and at all times! Personal data is only used if you release it for a specific purpose and you want to access your Smart Home via the myTEM Smart Home App. Only then will data be sent over the Internet. Therefore, only the Smart Home Server at your home serves as storage space for your private data.
  • What is Z Wave?
    Z-Wave is the international radio standard for communication between devices in the intelligent house. Z-Wave enables secure, stable communication in which each message is reconfirmed by the recipient (two-way communication). All mains-operated devices forward messages if the direct radio link between transmitter and receiver is disrupted (routing). Thanks to Z-Wave, devices from different manufacturers can be used together in a wireless network. Thus, myTEM can be used with any Z-Wave devices from other manufacturers in the common Z-Wave wireless network. The myTEM Radio Server is a Z-Wave device with secure communication (S2) and uses the radio frequency of 868.4 MHz. If other devices also have the special, secure communication, data is exchanged in this secure mode. If the other devices do not support this mode, normal, unsecured communication is used for reasons of compatibility. More about Z-Wave at Wikipedia.
  • What does smart home alarm system mean?
    You can make your home more secure with the help of various actuators (door/window contact, motion detector). The motion detector alerts you to movements. The window and door contact triggers an alarm when a window or door is opened. If smoke develops, the myTEM Smart Home App reports immediately and raises an alarm. At the same time you will receive a push notification on your smartphone.
  • How does myTEM Smart Home deal with the issue of data protection?
    We handle your data with the utmost care. Here you can find our privacy policy.
  • How long will my data be stored in the cloud?
    If you no longer use cloud access, you can Request deletion of data.
  • Where is my data stored?
    If you do not want remote access, no data will be saved. If you want remote access, our privacy policy applies.
  • What is the status of my online order?
    Please log in to your customer account on the myTEM website . There you can see the status of your orders at any time under "Orders".
  • How can I pay in the myTEM online shop?
    CH Shop: Buy on account. EU Shop: Buy on account.
  • Is there a guarantee on myTEM Smart Home products?
    All information on this topic can be found in the terms and conditions: CH Shop: >> to the terms and conditions< /p> EU Shop: >> to the terms and conditions
  • What do I have to consider when returning?
    Please enclose the return slip and always contact us before returning any products.
  • What do I do if a myTEM Smart Home product is defective?
    CH Shop: >> to the terms and conditions< /p> EU Shop: >> to the terms and conditions
  • How much does a return cost?
    If you want to return a product, please contact us before sending it back. We will then clarify all points with you personally. Thank you.
  • With which transport service should the return be sent?
    Please always send with the post and not with other parcel delivery services.
  • How can I change my delivery address/billing address?
    Please log into your customer account and go to "Addresses". There you can change your delivery address/billing address at any time.
  • I have forgotten the password for my customer account. What can I do?
    You can reset your customer account password at any time in the account itself and use a new password. If you no longer know your old password, use the "Reset password" function.
  • How can I change my personal information?
    To change your personal data, please log into your customer account. From there, go to "Addresses" to change your address or to "Account Details" to change your password or email address.
  • How long are the myTEM Smart Home product delivery times?
    We usually ship the goods within 3-5 working days.
  • What delivery options are available in the online shop?
    CH Shop: Delivery with Swiss Post EU Shop: Delivery with Deutsche Post
  • I am a journalist and have questions about the myTEM products. Whom can I contact?
    Please email us at< /a>.
  • As a specialist company, how can I request advice?
    You are welcome to send us your advice request here.
  • What is CAN?
    The Controller Area Network (CAN) is today's wired standard for the connections between the respective myTEM modules. The messages are exchanged between the components via two twisted data lines. This technology is considered to be very robust and powerful.
  • What is the range of the Z-Wave wireless network?
    It is recommended to have a Z-Wave device approximately every 10 meters or closer for maximum efficiency. While Z-Wave has a range of 100 meters outdoors, building materials reduce this range. The more line powered devices you have in your Z-Wave network the better as they also act as repeaters for extending the Z-Wave signal. Z-Wave's mesh network allows a Z-Wave signal to "jump" through other Z-Wave products to reach the target device to be controlled. If a wall is interfering with that signal, all you need is a simple Z-Wave repeater or other mains-powered device to bypass the wall and forward the signal to its final destination. Z-Wave supports up to 4 hops, so overall home coverage increases depending on the number of Z-Wave products on the network. The maximum range with 4 hops is approximately 200 meters.
  • What do I have to consider with the dimmer module if I want to dim LED lamps?"
    First of all, you have to make sure that the LED lamp can actually be dimmed. This is usually written on the packaging of the LED lamp. LED lamps from different manufacturers behave differently when it comes to dimming. The fine tuning can be done with the tool in the function block. The following settings are recommended: trailing edge for LED lamps, leading edge for incandescent lamps.
  • What should be considered when commissioning a wireless network?
    Place the myTEM server as centrally as possible in your house or In her flat. First add all devices to the server (inclusion process). Place the devices closest to the server first, then further away.
  • What should be considered when tying and untying?
    With the radios, care should be taken to ensure that they are always connected or disconnected via the menu. A factory reset for the radios is not recommended.
  • What types of DALI do we support?
    We support the following device types: - DALI Device Type 4 (DT4): Dimming of 230 V lamps - DALI Device Type 6 (DT6): LED modules / 4 channels can be connected virtually to one output for - RGBW converted - DALI Device Type 7 (DT7): Relay Module (from DALI 2 standard) - DALI Device Type 8 (DT8): RGBW color/color temperature control (from DALI 2 standard) - Creating light groups
  • What is DALI?
    DALI - Digital Addressable Lighting Interface - is the new manufacturer-independent interface standard for dimmable electronic control gear. DALI is primarily designed for the convenient control of light in closed rooms. The focus here is on the uncomplicated operation of the light, with all the components involved, in the simplest possible way.
  • How can I run my Radio Valves without a server?
    The valves have a manual mode. It cannot be used without a server.
  • What do I have to consider if I want to switch lighting systems with a relay?
    LED drivers, power supplies and other electronic loads can have high inrush currents of over 30A. In such cases, use inrush current limiters (ESB), or an appropriately rated coupling relay. Note: when connecting such loads in parallel, the current doubles. Recommendation: ESB101 from Camtec
  • Which Z-Wave devices from other manufacturers are compatible?
    myTEM Smart Home is an open system that allows the integration of Z-Wave components from other manufacturers. The variety of Z-Wave products is now so large that we can only test devices from other manufacturers if necessary.As a rule, it is possible to integrate Z-Wave certified components, but their function can be limited in different ways. We can only help with the devices we have tested.
  • What mounting material is included with the Radio Valve?
    The Radio Valve radiator thermostat comes with screw connections for standard valves (threaded connection M30x1.5mm, adapter for Danfoss RA/RAV/RAVL). If additional adapters are required, these can be obtained from Eurotronic at< /a>.
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