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Sensors now measure air quality in 150 classrooms

Südostschweiz, 07.10.2021

Graubünden has launched a pilot project with the ETH: CO₂ measuring devices are being installed at just under 60 schools. They report when the air is stuffy and are intended to help prevent corona infections.


It is well known that the finest respiratory droplets play a central role in infection with the coronavirus. These so-called aerosols favor transmission of the virus, especially in poorly ventilated rooms. However, the extent to which stuffy air increases the risk of corona infection is not yet known. To find out, the canton of Graubünden has launched a pilot project together with the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Testing and Research Empa: A total of 300 CO₂ sensors are being installed in 150 classrooms at 59 schools in the Grisons.


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