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Intelligent building technology from Switzerland Adaptable to any degree of automation.

A well thought-out system for all requirements

myTEM offers a suitable solution for every need. Either wired or wireless. The individual scope and degree of automation determine which elements are used. myTEM is ideally suited for both new buildings and modernization projects. With myTEM you increase your living comfort, the value of your property and save energy at the same time.

With or without wiring

The brain of the smart home solution, the myTEM Server, is available both in the radio-based version and for wired installation in the control cabinet. With various expansion modules and gateways, myTEM’s smart home system can be adapted to any size and requirement. Z-Wave components from different manufacturers can also be integrated via the radio server or the radio base module.


The high expandability and the arbitrary scalability speak for themselves. In addition, the system convinces with low installation efforts and low installation costs.

myTEM Wired system structure


The heart of the wired system is the Smart Server. This can be expanded with various modules (IO Module, IO Small Module, etc.). This makes the system scalable as required. The wired system solution is suitable for installation in the control cabinet. A robust CAN bus, high reliability in operation, as well as fast data transmission, are convincing in use.

myTEM Wireless system structure

Wireless EN1.jpg

The heart of the wireless system is the radio server. Thanks to the Z-Wave connection, this system is open and can be installed with a minimum of effort and without laying cables. Moreover, it can be combined with the wired myTEM system.

myTEM Free Topology

FT EN1.jpg

The Free Topology System has a flexible tree structure and can be installed with minimal installation effort.

FT EN2.jpg

It is therefore particularly suitable for large buildings. It is connected via the FT Base module. Optimal for use in larger automation projects. The maximum cable length is 500 meters with 50 nodes (FT modules).

Used technologies

myTEM adapts to the requirements

The smart home system from myTEM can be used both wired in the control cabinet and wired in the building via Free Topology. Furthermore, it is possible to use the system as a wireless solution or combined as a hybrid solution. Wired solutions are advantageous when particularly reliable, stable and uniform signal transmission is required. Radio solutions are always advisable when the existing infrastructure is to be automated without laying cables. This may be the case, for example, during renovation or modernization.
myTEM is also prepared to integrate door and access systems, weather data, camera or heating via network communication. There is also a DALI interface to integrate the existing DALI lighting installation. Furthermore, the myTEM system can also be operated via voice. With the existing Modbus interfaces (TCP and RTU), various Modbus devices can be integrated. Another option is the multi-server system: up to 12 Smart Servers or Radio Servers can be connected to a multi-server system. The servers are connected via Ethernet and can thus be installed on different floors or in different parts of the building.

Can be integrated via network communication

  • Full access to the TEM heating controllers via TEM-RC 7020

  • Doorbird door communication system can be easily integrated into myTEM

  • Internet cameras can be integrated via HTTP, HTTPS and RTSP

  • Generic network devices can be integrated via HTTP or HTTPS e.g. with JSON or SOAP


Various products and data from Netatmo can be conveniently processed and visualized such as:

  • Aneometer (data points: Wind strength, wind direction, gust strength, gust direction, battery level)

  • Indoor Module (data points: CO2, temperature, humidity, battery level)

  • Outdoor Module (data points: temperature, humidity, battery level)

  • Rain Gauge (data points: rain, battery level)

  • Weather Station (base station) (data points: CO2, noise, air pressure, temperature, humidity)


  • Simple control of lamps

  • Up to 64 actuators per DALI bus (1x DALI Base device)

  • These can be divided into up to 16 groups

  • Up to 300 metres 2-wire cable length

  • According to IEC 6238


  • Modbus TCP (Server + Client) integrated in the myTEM Server

  • Modbus RTU (RS485, Server + Client) with the myTEM Module

  • Modbus library in the myTEM ProgTool


  • Operation is also possible without cloud

  • myTEM uses Microsoft Azure Cloud (among others IoT Hub + Websocket/SiganlR communication)


  • Up to 12 Server in the system possible

  • The servers are connected via Ethernet

voice controls

  • Alexa (Voice assistant from  Amazon)

  • Google Assistant

myTEM app and software

Thanks to the myTEM App  even beginners can control their smart home quickly and easily via smartphone or tablet. The intuitive user interface supports you in creating and managing rooms and devices and enables timely control. This is how you adapt your home to your personal weekly schedule!

Das myTEM ProgTool  will be installed on the desktop or laptop. Thanks to the graphic display and the extensive function library, even complex control sequences can be easily programmed with the ProgTool. Your existing program can easily be read into the ProgTool and adapted or expanded.

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