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Smart Server

The Smart Server is an intelligent smart home server and ideal for cabinet installation.

myTEM product picture_Radio Server_805614.png

Radio Server

The Radio Server controls various smart home devices within the Z-Wave wireless network.

We would be happy to advise you on the subject of Smart Home

We have various smart home solutions in our range. These are suitable for new buildings as well as for conversions and renovations. No matter how big the project is, myTEM SmartHome grows with it and always fits. We will be happy to advise you and work with you to find the right solution for you. Send us a message, we look forward to hearing from you and will then contact you immediately.

automation solutions
by myTEM

Our systems have been specially developed to meet the needs of different customers
and can be flexibly expanded and combined.





Free topology


myTEM – The right choice.
Benefit from many advantages.


The low installation effort and the easy expandability ensure a high level of customer satisfaction. myTEM supports with training and is available in an advisory capacity.


With the myTEM system, a differentiation and an expansion of the offer is possible. In this way, you benefit from many advantages for your customers.


Thanks to the use of myTEM SmartHome, you can reduce your energy costs sustainably and in the long term. At the same time, the value of your property increases.

«Touch Add-On Glossy, the modern control for all requirements.»

A stylish button with integrated temperature and humidity measurement.



Thanks very much!

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