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The MTDAL-100 is an intelligent DALI light control from myTEM. You can expand your smart home system with a controller for intelligent DALI lights. Up to 64 DALI products can be controlled via the DALI bus.

The DALI module is connected to the CAN bus of the myTEM Smart Server and all DALI lights can be integrated using the extremely powerful myTEM ProgTool. The Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) is an interface definition in building automation for the transmission of control signals for lighting devices. To do this, the ballasts are wired in parallel and linked to one another via the controller. Up to 64 operating devices can be individually addressed and freely divided into 16 light groups. In addition to switching the lighting devices, the status and individual parameters (dimming values, etc.) can also be queried.

The intelligent DALI lighting control must be supplied via a 24 VDC supply and connected to a myTEM Smart Server via the CAN bus. The device is installed in a switch cabinet, mounted on a 35 mm DIN rail.

DALI Modul

SKU: 805629
    • Easy control of intelligent DALI lights
    • Complete integration of several DALI lights is possible
    • Up to 64 DALI lights can be controlled
    • Desired scenes can be configured in the myTEM ProgTool
    • Suitable for mounting on DIN rail
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