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The myTEM FT DIN SIX is used to read in up to six buttons, switches or contacts, such as light buttons, door or window contacts. Two inputs can alternatively be used as analogue inputs 0-10 V or as temperature sensors. The device is intended for installation in a flush-mounted or cavity wall box.


  • Reading in buttons, switches and contacts
  • Reading of 0 - 10V signals or temperatures
  • Reading the keys, temperature and humidity from the optional myTEM Touch add-on


SKU: 805689
    • Used to read in buttons, switches or contacts
    • Reading in two 0-10V signals or temperature sensors
    • Flexible use in the house thanks to the programmable behavior
    • Optionally, a myTEM Touch Add-On can be connected
    • Quick and easy expansion of the FT system with additional FT devices
    • CFT bus with free wiring according to the tree topology
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