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The small smart home IO module MTIOS-100 is a universal module from myTEM for expanding your smart home with additional inputs and outputs.

To do this, the device is connected to the central myTEM Smart Server  via the CAN bus system. The programmable behavior allows a flexible use of the device in the house.


  • Switching of lights
  • Switching single-phase fan motors
  • Switching of electrically operated blinds or similar shading devices
  • Operation using buttons and sensors via the central server

The device is installed in a switch cabinet, mounted on a 35 mm DIN rail.

IO Modul Small

SKU: 805626
    • The IO Module Small is a universal module for flexible use in the home
    • Thanks to this module, the smart home can be expanded with additional inputs and outputs
    • Suitable for mounting on a DIN rail
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