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The myTEM® PlanTool supports you in planning and commissioning a home automation project. In no time at all, you can fill the rooms of your building floor plan with the desired automation devices, such as lights and blinds. After assigning the devices to the desired myTEM® devices, a list of the devices needed for your home automation project is automatically created. The component costs are calculated from the unit prices of the required devices. The PlanTool is therefore ideal for creating new projects and for quotations for new installations. In addition, the PlanTool project can be exported directly into myTEM® ProgTool, which enables a quick commissioning of the Smart Home installation.

myTEM® PlanTool

    • Quick planning of home automation projects
    • Device list with component costs
    • Ideal for quotations for new installations
    • List with assigned inputs and outputs
    • Space requirement in the control cabinet is calculated
    • Project can be uploaded to myTEM server
    • Export to ProgTool for fast commissioning
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