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myTEM ProgTool is a smart home desktop software and can map simple as well as complex smart home installations. Quickly create or customize your customized smart home configuration. The graphical display and the extensive function library allow you to automate the most complex tasks or scenes in no time.

Thanks to the easy handling and user-friendly design, you can configure your smart home in no time at all.

You can transfer the data from the myTEM App directly into the myTEM ProgTool. In the same way the data from the planning tool can be transferred to the myTEM ProgTool. This is only available with myTEM.

myTEM® ProgTool

    • Comprehensive Smart Home Desktop Software
    • Very easy to learn through graphical programming
    • Powerful draw engine and extensive function library
    • Online visualization of your smart home and simulation of the functions
    • Specially designed to customize your entire smart home from myTEM
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