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The radio RGBW module from myTEM is an intelligent radio RGBW module and a Z-Wave device of the Light Dimmer Switch type for use in Europe. It can be used to control and dim 4-color LED strips. In addition to the red-green-blue-white color control, a warm white setting can also be implemented if the LED strip supports this function.

The load is no longer switched directly via an (existing light) switch, but a signal is sent to a controller (e.g. Smart Server or Radio Server), which in turn controls the RGBW module via radio.

The intelligent RGBW module must be supplied via a 24 VDC supply and can control 24 VDC RGBW lights. The device is installed in a switch cabinet, mounted on a 35 mm DIN rail.

Radio RGBW Modul

SKU: 805615
    • Intelligent wireless RGBW module
    • Unique colored light moods at the touch of a button
    • Module for controlling and dimming 4‑color LED strips
    • Compact design
    • A warm white setting can also be implemented
    • With Z-Wave radio standard
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