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The Radio Server from myTEM is a Smart Home radio server and the centre of your intelligent Smart Home. It can control various devices within the Z-Wave radio network and the myTEM Smart Home modules via CAN bus. The radio server is the heart of your smart home. The controller is accessed via the very simple, user-friendly myTEM App or by means of the extremely powerful myTEM ProgTool.


With these access options, you can assign suitable tasks and functions to all devices and set them for your needs. Depending on your needs, you can customise your home using predefined scenes or completely individually according to your wishes.

Radio Server

SKU: 805614
    • The heart of your smart home from myTEM
    • Can be placed anywhere and is easy to install
    • Programmable with the myTEM App or with the myTEM ProgTool
    • Thanks to BUS interfaces, many devices can be connected
    • Organizes data communication between all devices
    • Encrypted radio signals protect against external interference
    • With Z-Wave radio standard
    • including 1 USB cable, 1 LAN cable and 1 power adapter
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