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Radio Valve from myTEM is the intelligent radio heating control for your smart home.

This way you are warm and comfortable at all times and make sure that your heating is turned down to save energy, even if nobody is at home or the windows are open. This intelligent wireless heating control ensures an individual room temperature and also reduces energy costs by up to 30%. The Radio Valve is battery operated.

This intelligent heating controller can be added to any Z-Wave network and operated with other Z-Wave certified devices and/or applications from other manufacturers.

All non-battery-powered network nodes (nodes), regardless of which manufacturer, act as repeaters within the network and improve the reliability of the wireless network.

Radio Valve

SKU: 805750
    • Helps you save energy and reduce your heating costs
    • Brings every room to a comfortable temperature within a very short time and keeps it constant
    • An individual temperature program can be set for each room
    • Recognizes falling temperatures when windows are open and automatically lowers the heating
    • With Z-Wave radio standard
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