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The relay module MTREL-100 from myTEM is a switching module for large loads. It is suitable for expanding the myTEM Smart Home system with additional 16 A outputs.

The module is connected to your central myTEM Smart Server  via the CAN bus system. The programmable behavior allows flexible use of the device in the house.


  • Switching of powerful consumers
  • Switching sockets and lighting
  • Switching single-phase fan motors
  • Switching of electrically operated blinds or similar shading devices
  • Operation using buttons and sensors via the central server

Relais Modul

SKU: 805628
    • Suitable for switching powerful consumers
    • Manual setting of the outputs for easy commissioning
    • Suitable for mounting on DIN rail
    • Up to 4000W at 250V per output
    • Variant without current measurement
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