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Smart Home antenna with cable is laid in the cable duct in the wall and has a cable length of 2 meters. An integrated mounting bracket makes mounting the antenna easier.

The antenna is an accessory for the following modules: Radio Base Module, Radio RGBW Module, Radio IO Module and the Radio IO Module Floor.


  • Disconnect all devices from the mains, resp. turn off the power
  • Open the control cabinet and unscrew the old antenna from the device
  • Insert the extension cable of the new antenna through an opening (may have to be drilled) in the control cabinet
  • Screw the new antenna onto the device and close the control cabinet
  • Turn on the power to the devices again
  • Place the new antenna in such a way that an optimum range is achieved

Smart Home Antenna

SKU: 115082
    • Matching accessories for radio base module and radio RGBW module
    • Cable length 2 meters
    • Simple industrial design
    • Improves the radio range of the devices in the control cabinet
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