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The Touch Add-On Glossy is a smart home touch control with five capacitive buttons and is always used together with a Switch Dual Plus. The control panel is powered by the Switch Dual Plus, through which the key signals are also transmitted to the central controller.

A temperature/humidity sensor and a multicolored illumination LED are also integrated. The color of this lighting can be chosen and the light is gently distributed via a conductor. The control panel is visible in the dark without being intrusive.

Functions such as for lamps or blinds can be assigned to the buttons using the myTEM ProgTool.

Touch Add On Glossy

SKU: 805619
    • Stylish Smart Home Touch operation
    • Extension  for the Radio Switch Dual Plus
    • Modern design with a simple glass front
    • Five keypads that are freely programmable with the myTEM ProgTool
    • Integrated room temperature and humidity measurement
    • Integrated lighting with freely selectable color
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