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Individuelle Projektberatung

Benefits of building automation

From the beginning or only afterwards. Already during the installation and also later when used in business. With myTEM®, all applications on and in the building can be combined with each other amazingly easily. Many components work seamlessly together and result in the decisive plus in comfort, safety and efficiency. From simple control of the blind to intelligent individual room control - there are no limits to modern automation with the myTEM® Smart Server. On site or on the go. With the usual control point on the wall, the smartphone in hand, a tablet on the table, simply by voice control or in any other conceivable way. For you, the focus is on the customer and the business - which is laborious and done again and again every day The Smart Server and the components connected to it will soon take over in a harmonious interaction. Via the bus cabling or contactless via radio communication. myTEM® can be adapted and expanded at any time and with the trusted partner of your choice.

Building automation (GA) is the automatic monitoring, control, regulation and independent optimization of applications such as shading, lighting, heating, air conditioning and other areas in a smart building system. The focus is on security, comfort and energy efficiency - in a shop, restaurant or office building and industry as well as other objects. In residential construction, the overriding international term smart home enforced.

Let's talk about your project

We would be happy to go into your very personal project individually and show you what is possible without obligation and of course also answer all your questions. Would you like to send us some information? We will check them and someone from our team will get in touch with you personally. The data will be treated confidentially and only in this matter.

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Further information

To bridge the waiting time until we get in touch with you on the form we just filled out for individual project advice, or for those who are undecided who simply need a little more information before they want to talk specifically about their project. Be that as it may, we offer numerous events at and with which we identify opportunities and answer personal questions.

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